Jen Jazwinski (Jeopardy) Bio, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Husband

Jen Jazwinski is a Jeopardy contestant who is appearing on the stage. Since Jeopardy is calling its previous contestants or winners back on the stage this time because of specific protocol changes, Jen Jazwinski is one of those contestants. The location invites the old contestants because of the ongoing WGA strike changes and the topic or needs to recall the old contestants and old questions back on the stage.

Jen Jazwinski (Jeopardy) Bio, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Husband

Earlier, she appeared in 2021 from 8th July 2021 to 12th July 2021. This time, she is appearing on the set of Jeopardy on 9th November 2021. Jen Jazwinski is an Illinois-based female personality who is working as a librarian. She is an enthusiastic personality, managing librarian tasks for children and adults and managing the spreadsheets online.

Jen Jazwinski Bio, Age, Husband, Net Worth, Wiki

Jen Jazwinski, aged around 35 or 40, completed her library degree [MLIS] in 2008 from Dominican University. Jazwinski is a librarian for the Algonquin Area Public Library District. She has not provided any other details except that she is a librarian and has been working for the last few years.

Jeopardy Journey (9th November 2023)

Jen stood against Matt Takimoto and Charlie Fonville on the game of 9th November 2023. During the first round, Jen won around $7,000, with Matt at $4,600 and Chalie at $3,800. The score after the first round became –

  • Jen – $15,400
  • Matt – $15,400
  • Charlie – $8,100

During the round, Jen gave 18 correct answers and two incorrect answers. Matt gave 20 right and three incorrect answers, while Charlie gave 14 correct answers and one wrong response. The final round of the show (9th November 2023) saw the coming up question –

“In 1950, the Swedish Academy said this Nobel Prize winner ‘is a regional writer’ but called ‘his regionalism universal.”

The contestants must answer the question, “Who is William Faulkner?”

The contestants, Jen and Charlie, gave the correct answers, thus winning $8,100 and $15,400 respectively. At the same time, Matt gave an incorrect response and had to lose his winning amount, $15,400. The show’s final round saw Jen leading the game with $30,800. Charlie followed this with $16,200, and Matt with $0.

Jen Jazwinski Biography

Real NameJen Jazwinski
Birth Date1983
Age (as of 2023)40 Years
ResidenceAlgonquin, Illinois, USA
CollegeDominican University

Jen Jazwinski Family


Relationship Status

Marital StatusMarried
Who is Jen Jazwinski’s husband?

Personal Life

Whether Jen is married or not is yet to be revealed. Jen is the personality who spares her time for bowling, singing, and participating in church choir, trivia, musicals, and karaoke.

She has not hinted at the fact that she has a husband and children. Jen is unavailable on social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. If she is available, she might be available with any private account.

Jen Jazwinski Net Worth

Jen Jazwinski is indeed earning well because of their long library career. The last time, in 2021, she earned around $60,000 from the two victorious games of Jeopardy. This time, she also became the foremost winner of the day (9th November 2023), winning $30,800.

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