Teresa Wierson Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Education, Instagram

Teresa Wierson works as a trainer and assistant to Cassandra Peterson, a well-known American actress. Teresa assisted Cassandra in different films for different jobs like trainer, video assistant etc. She suddenly became an interesting person for Elvira’s fans because she just announced her 19 years relationship with Teresa. After that, fans also try to find her Instagram, but there is no evidence that she is currently available on any of these platforms.

Teresa Wierson Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Education, Instagram

Early life

If we look at her probable age then she is early or mid 60’s because Cassandra is 70 years old. Teresa remained a sports enthusiast since her high school days as she was a track and field star at Sunset High School in Beaverton, Ohio. Other than that, no details can be spotted as she is unknown to anyone and new to the industry and likes to keep her life as private as possible. However, Cassandra opened up and shared her feelings and love for her partner,

“As a former bodybuilder, track runner and cyclist, she was an incredibly sweet person despite her tough exterior. She had the ability to make even something as mundane as exercise enjoyable, and we trained together three times a week for the next six years, developing a strong friendship in the process.”

Teresa Wierson career

Teresa Wierson is a trainer and assistant by profession, she has assisted Cassandra in various films for various different jobs. In 1997 she assisted Mr. Rourke for an additional nine and a half weeks as a trainer on the film. In 2008, she assisted Mrs. Cassandra Peterson as video assistant for the film Her Morbid Desires. In 2010-2011 she assisted for the 18th episode of the film Elvira’s Movie Macabre as the TV series assistant to Cassandra Peterson. In 2010-2011 she assisted for the 17th episode of the film Elvira’s Movie Macabre as TV series assistant and real estate assistant to Cassandra Peterson.

Teresa Wierson biography

Real nameTeresa Wierson
date of birth1960s
Age (as of 2021)60-65 years (approx.)
IndigenousLos Angeles, California, United States
jobCoach & Assistant
sun sign

Teresa Wierson Family




Relationship status

marital statusIn relation
Is she lesbian/gay?Yes
Who is Teresa Wierson’s friend?Cassandra Peterson (Elvira)

Personal life

Teresa Weirson is dating Cassandra Peterson, she is an American actress. And it was a 19-year relationship for her. Teresa and Elvira met decades ago at Gold’s Gym in Hollywood, according to Elvira’s memoir. Cassandra was looking for the boy of her dreams, but eventually it turned out to be a girl instead. That relationship turned personal from professional when they both met in the dressing room and fell in love. Teresa spoke about their relationship,

As Cassandra, I wouldn’t have cared that people knew about our relationship, but I felt the need to protect Elvira to keep my career alive. Elvira has always had a thing for men, and men have a thing for her, so I worried that my fans would feel lied to, call me a hypocrite and leave me if I announced that I was no longer the ” “lead heterosexual lives,” she reasoned.


Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, revealed the truth about her sexuality in her recently released memoir, revealing that she has been dating Teresa Weirson for 19 years. Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira, recently claimed she was in a 19-year relationship with another woman. In her memoir, Cruelly, Elvira: Memories of the Mistress of the Dark, reference is made to Teresa “T” Wilson, who worked as a trainer and was also at one point Cassandra’s assistant before the two began dating. Cassandra Peterson also opened up about the aftermath of her divorce from Mark Pierson. When it came to relationships, she said she was “closed for business reasons.”

Teresa Wierson net worth

Teresa Wierson’s net worth is said to be US$5 million. Her source of income comes from her job, working in filmography in the other crew and art department. However, we can’t say for sure as these are just speculations from her career.

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