Will Jennifer Lopez’s new ankle boots be able to dethrone sneakers?

Jennifer Lopez she is queen in three seemingly disparate areas of fashion: jeans, heels and sneakers. Their daily wear is based on these three pieces, with which it builds the vast majority of its outfits. However, he knows how to play with the surprise factor and that is why yesterday he wore some ankle boots half mountain, half military who ask a question: Will they manage to dethrone sports?

To hers it may be that yes, because the singer has already integrated them into a style that at another time she would surely have combined with sneakers. The look to which we refer and that you can see in the photograph is made up of wide white pants, a t-shirt and a vest puffy. Halfway between sporty and casual, it is totally covered in white tones and shoes They gather many prominence.

Jennifer Lopez’s off-road boots, yes or no?

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