Former Playboy bunnies remember the abuse they suffered from Hugh Hefner

Karissa and Kristina Shannon, are twin sisters and were Playboy bunnies who have remembered the abuse they experienced by Hugh Hefner.

Many models formed part of the so-called Playboy bunnies, who although they attended important eventss and were surrounded by luxury, not everything was rosy and this has been revealed by Karissa and Kristina Shannon, a twin who experienced abuse by Hugh Hefner, creator of the famous magazine. After the death of Hugh Hefner, many women came out to speak and say all the experiences that happened in the Playboy mansion together with the millionaire. Some have assured that his sexual experiences with the editor were not good.

In various interviews, the twins have remembered how their coexistence with Hugh Hefner was, which left them with post-traumatic stress and depression, which led them to seek therapy.

“He acted like he owned you. If we broke his rules, six guards would drag us to our room and not let us out. Hef called it ‘HMF arrest’, after his initials. He took advantage of vulnerable young women like us. He would offer you the world and then he would keep you trapped in his house, which was like a prison of gold, ”Kristina declared to Sunday Mirror.

The sisters detailed that their first meeting with Hefner It was when they were 19 years old and that on that occasion they were drugged.

“He would tell us, ‘My babies, my babies,’ and rock us as we lay down on either side of him. He told us to call him ‘Dad’. It was almost 5 in the morning when we got back to our room that first night: He is the devil. He has a black soul. He’s going to hell.’”

Karissa and Kristina lived in the Playboy mansion for two years, which they considered a place full of luxury. fun and glamour, but later they realized that drugs were used there sexual encounters took place, many of them without protection and that their lives were controlled. Karissa got pregnant at 19 by Hugh Hefner when he was 83 years old, so he decided to have an abortion.

“I found a clinic in Los Angeles to have an abortion. I had Hef’s security people drop us off at the mall, pretending we were going to go shopping. Then I called a friend to pick us up. We were able to keep it a secret,” he commented.

​On the other hand, they commented that when they learned of the millionaire’s death, they were happy because many girls would no longer get hurt.

“He won’t ruin any more girls like us. I thought Playboy was a big family, now I can see that she was a cult.”

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