Who cares how old Sienna Miller and her boyfriend are?

Sienna Miller (40 years old) and her boyfriend, Oli Green (25 years), together at Roland Garros”. We have read this headline in different ways in a lot of media of communication but all pointing out basically the same thing: that she is 15 years old more than him, although the relevant thing should simply be that they are some of the VIP guests at the tennis tournament.

Who cares how old Sienna Miller and her boyfriend are?

We thought that this issue of her being older in a relationship was more than over. Back in 2017 it already seemed to us that this topic was NOT a topic but it is already 2022 and it seems that there are people who follow caring a lot about the difference in age… but only if she is older.

Sienna and Oli have been dating for a few months, since the beginning of 2022. The actress is very discreet with her personal life and does not usually talk about her relationships or grant exclusives about anything that is not related to her professional life. That’s why the news would really be that she poses with her boyfriend, not the age of each of them. However, for many it continues to attract attention and is newsworthy that she is older.

What they don’t find worth mentioning is that, next to Sienna, she is Hugh grant; behind him we can see his wife, Anna Eberstein. Surprise! He is 61 years old, she is 42 and nobody mentions it. Why? Well, as usual: it is still socially accepted that women are several decades younger than their partners, but it is still new that it is the other way around.

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