Ray McNeil Biography, Net worth, Wiki, Death, Wife, Age, Height

Ray McNeil was an American bodybuilder who was killed by his wife and fellow bodybuilder Sally McNeil also known as Killer McNeil. Recently, the 2022 Netflix docuseries about the murder, titled “Killer Sally,” brought the incident to light.

Ray McNeil Biography, Net worth, Wiki, Death, Wife, Age, Height

Early life

Not much is known about Ray’s early life and background, but it was known that he was born on December 17, 1964 in the United States. He was known to be of African American ethnic background. It was assumed that Ray was a high school graduate, but his education and qualifications have never been publicly spoken of. As such, not much is known about his education and background.

Ray McNeil career

Ray was a professional bodybuilder and was very enthusiastic and passionate about his career. He was very athletic and spent most of his life working out at the gym. His career grew and fled, but he needed his wife’s financial support. Ray began his career in the Marines where he met his wife Sally. The two were very passionate about bodybuilding and soon left the Marines and became full-time bodybuilders. During this time he is said to have used illegal steroids to sustain his career and also relied on his wife’s income from “muscle prostitution”. Sally, his wife, made $300 an hour wrestling men in hotel rooms. After Sally began to focus on her own career in the 1990s, Ray suffered a setback and felt stigmatized.

Ray McNeil Death Cause

Ray was murdered by his own wife, Sally McNeil, on Valentine’s Day in 1995, allegedly in self-defense. McNeil was known to be violent and abusive towards his wife, who shot her husband in self-defense to avoid harm from the abusive husband. She shot Ray twice, once in the stomach and the other time in his face. She immediately called 911 while her husband lay down in pain and her daughter stood terrified. Sally never denied the claims and pleaded not guilty to shooting Ray in self-defense.

Sally was subjected to intense public and media scrutiny after the incident and was also accused of murdering her husband. Also, the claim of self-defense was much debated as a female bodybuilder, and it was believed that the polished woman was well protected and also too strong to be abused. Sally was later convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 19 years in prison. She was serving her sentence at the Central California Women’s Facility and was paroled in 2020.

Ray McNeil Biography

Real nameRay McNeil
Date of birthDecember 17, 1964
date of deathFebruary 14, 1995
Old30 years
Place of birthUnited States
UniversityRenowned university

Physical Statistics

Heightin feet inches – 5′ 11” – in centimeters – 180 cm
weightin kilograms – 95 ​​kg – in pounds – 209 pounds
hair colorBlack
eye colorBlack

Ray McNeil family


relationship status

Marital statusMarried
Who is Ray McNeil’s wife?Sally McNeil
childrenTwo (John, Shnatina)

Personal life

Ray was married to another female bodybuilder named Sally McNeil. The two first met at the gym while in the Marines. Their first meeting was described as “lust at first sight”. They bonded over a shared passion for fitness and athletic idealism and married in 1987. The couple was also known to have two children, Shantina and John. After their father’s death and their mother’s conviction, they were placed in a home and later spent their lives with their grandmother.

Ray McNeil Net Worth

Ray was not financially stable as a bodybuilder and often had to depend on his wife’s income to help him further his career. The problems surrounding the McNeil family’s financial struggles were often told to the public. Therefore, no information about his assets is currently available on the Internet.

Facts About Ray McNeil

  • His wife, Sally, served in the US Marine Corps and was a Sergent in the 1980s.
  • Within three days of his marriage, he physically assaulted his wife and slapped her in the face. He also often choked her and abused her in front of her children.
  • His father was also often involved in the abuse of his wife Sally.
  • A Netflix documentary about Ray’s death and trial was released on Netflix in 2022 entitled Killer Sally.
  • Sally was older than Ray and was married once before marrying Ray.

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